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Basic Rights of Migrants in R. Macedonia

Basic Rights of Migrant in RM

Download: Basic Rights of Migrants in RM

Основни права за мигрантите во Р. Македонија

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Back on the streets! From 5th May and onwards!

photo: Nebojsha Gelevski

Photo: Nebojsha Gelevski

After a brief hiatus, protesters took to the streets again, on 5 June, calling for justice and peace, one month after the May 5th protest when law enforcement officers used violence to crackdown on protests.

Protesters rallied in front of the Government and from this already occupied space they headed towards new ones. Hundreds of people walked to the seat of the Ministry of Justice to demand responsibility and justice for the occurrences on May 5th.

Photo: Nebojsha Gelevski

Photo: Nebojsha Gelevski

Shouting rallying calls, “No justice, no peace” and “From 5th May and onwards,” protestors then walked to the city public library “Brakja Miladinovcki.” Month earlier, officers violently forced their entrance into the library and arrested few students they found inside.

Rallied in front of the library, protestors voiced a message: “Schools, universities and libraries have always been and remain our true homes. Welcome home!”

Photo: Nebojsha Gelevski

Photo: Nebojsha Gelevski


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Responsibility for abuse of office must not end with resignation only! Mile Janakieski, the former Minister of transport and communicationс and Sasho Mijalkov, the former Director of the national counter-intelligence agency must be banned from Macedonian politics and face legal actions before an independent, non-partisan judiciary. If a judgment confirms the allegations, all illegal gains should also be confiscated.

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Group of activists around #Protestiram blocked the departures entrance of the international airport Alexander the Great on 2 June, 2015. With posters that read WANTED, activists alarmed the public that in the vacuum arising from the ongoing political negotiations, Janakieski and Mijalkov are free to walk out of the country and walk away from the jurisdiction of the Macedonian courts.

Day 13: Since the 5th & until we win!


For May 17, the largest opposition Party, SDSM called non-partisan antigovernment protest supported by a wide coalition of civic organizations and movements. The protest was scheduled to start at 14:00h. On that day, thirteenth since the start of the May 5th protests, part of the citizens in #Protestiram rallied first  in front of the Primary Court Skopje 1 – Skopje to support the arrested activists, still in jail custody.

At the Court, #Protestiram took one of the boulevard lanes and from there headed towards the Government, walking side by side with the student march organized by the Student Plenum. Self-organized citizens, in protest of  the central heating supply system Toplifikacija, joined the groups.

Protesters marched onto the government jointly, shouting:

“Since the 5th and until we win.”


„Who are we?” -The citizens! What do we want? – Freedom! When? -Now.

#Protestiram arrived in front of the Government according to plan, five minutes before the start of the protests at 14:00h. The timing was symbolical, meaning, in the last minute, to welcome in this way the political parties to the street and in the name of all those who have been protesting since May 5 seeking justice in public protest for years.

Over 50.000 citizens protested that day. Representatives of Student Plenum, citizens’ organizations, journalists and euro-parliamentarians addressed the crowd with powerful speeches. Zoran Zaev, the leader of SDSM had the final word. He repeated the demands for Gruevski’s (the prime minister) resignation, formation of technical government and other future plans. Together with some of the protesters he remained camping infront of the Government, in protest, until the government resigns.

At 18:00h., #Protestiram met at the usual rallying spot, the corner of boulevard Sv. Kliment Ohridski and reminded of the year-long struggle, the need for the resistance to grow further to achieve systemic changes after the fall of Gruevski.

We will endure and continue #everyday at 6pm.


Mbështetje përtej kufijve 

Në mbështetje të protestave në Maqedoni, organizohen tubime më 17 Maj edhe në Amsterdam, Londër, Bruksel dhe Ljubjanë. Në Londër, marshi i paralajmëruar për 17 Maj prej Hajd Parkut deri tek Ambasada e Maqedonisë, do të vahdoj çdo të diel, në kohën e njëjte deri në plotësimin e kërkesave për dorëheqje, çlirim të aktivistëve të arrestuar dhe formim të një Qeverie të re e cila do të mundësoj dhe implementoj procesin e reformave dhe dekoratizimin e institucioneve. 
Më shumë informata në linqet në vijim për АmsterdamLondër dhe Ljubljanë
Tubimet e mëhershme u mbajtën në Beigrad dhe Sarajevë me 12 Maj.

Поддршка преку границите

Во поддршка на протестите во Македонија, се организираат протестни собири на 17 мај и во Амстердам, Лондон, Брисел,  Берлин и Љубљана. Во Лондон, најавениот марш за 17 мај од Хајд Парк до македонската амбасада, ќе продолжи секоја недела, во исто време, до исполнувањето на барањата за оставка, ослободување уапсените активисти и формирање нова Влада што ќе озвоможи и спроведе процеси за реформи и  демократизација на институциите.

Повеќе информации на следните линкови за Амстердам, Лондон и Љубљана. Претходни собири се оддржаа во Белград и Сараево на 12 мај.

Support across borders

Rallies in support of citizens’ protests in Macedonia are scheduled for 17 May in Amsterdam, London, Brussels, Berlin and Ljubljana. In London, the march planned for 17 May will start at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park and end at the Embassy of republic of Macedonia. The march will take place every Sunday at the same time until demands are met for resignation of Gruevski’s government, liberation of arrested activists and formation of a new Government that will enable and execute processes for institutional reforms and democratization.

Previous rallies were held in Belgrade and Sarajevo on 12 May.

Day 11: “This must never happen again” #Protestiram


On the 15th of May, the eleventh day since the start of the protests, citizens’ protests continued in Skopje. Once again the police prevented the protest outside of the Government. The protesters who arrived outside the government marched towards the Parliament.

The slogans “Resignation”, “He is finished”, “Nikola the little dictator”, “No justice, no peace”, once again reiterated the demands for resignation of the government, urgent release of the activists detained into custody since 5 May onwards and the formation of a transitory Government, which will work towards democratizing the institutions.

A citizens assembly took place outside of the Parliament, where the protestors in an open plenum discussed the protest on Sunday for May 17, when the largest opposition party-SDSM alongside a coalition of supporters under their coordination, will start a protest at 14:00.

#протестирам форум пред собрание 15 maj

(#protestiram plenum outside the Parliament)

Ден 11: За „Никогаш да не се повтори“ #Протестирам (15 мај)


На 15 мај, единаесеттиот ден од почетокот на протестите, продолжија граѓанските протести во Скопје. Полицијата повторно не дозволи протест пред владата, па демонстрантите од таму се упатија кон Собранието.

Со паролите,  „Оставка“, „Готов е“, „Николче диктаторче“, „Нема правда, нема мир“, демонстрантите ги повторија барањата за оставка на владата, ослободување на притворените демонстранти од 5 мај наваму и формирање влада за демократизација на институциите.

Пред Собранието се одржа и граѓански собир-пленум, на кој учесниците ги дискутираа плановите за протестот во недела, 17 мај. За тој ден, во 14:00 часот на протест повика и најголемата опозициска партија, заедно во широка коалиција под нивна координација.

#протестирам форум пред собрание 15 maj

(#протестирам собир пред собрание)