Day 5: “We stand for peace and justice”

The fifth day of the protests, 9 May, began in front of government building, after the police prevented the protesters from accessing the Liberators of Skopje monument, where they intended to lay flowers to mark Victory Day. With a one-minute silence in honour of the people killed in Kumanovo, the protest was small and quiet, without clamour or use of sound props.

Credits: Ilona Olehlova

Credits: Ilona Olehlova

From there, the protesters moved toward the head office of the Delegation of the European Union. By shouting “Why are you silent, Europe?” the demonstrators were asking what the EU was undertaking in relation to the burial of the democracy in a candidate for membership country.

At the end of the protest part of the demonstrators visited the camp of the high school students who protest against the poor educational reforms.

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