Media blackout: President of the Municipal Council of Kumanovo rudely interrupted when giving a statement for Kanal 5

Maksim Dimitrievski, President of the Municipal Council of Kumanovo, in a statement for Kanal 5 asked how it was possible security to deteriorize to such an extent seven days after the ruling party’s congress was held in Kumanovo. At the moment when he, in front of the camera, called for resignations of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior, the live broadcast was rudely interrupted.

“The fact is that we had a war in Kumanovo for the last 24 hours. I have to tell you that the citizens of Kumanovo are absolutely aware of what is actually happening to us. Simply, no one here can understand how seven days ago, when the ruling party held its congress in Kumanovo, everything was absolutely peaceful, and today they are even informing us at a press conference that an armed conflict was happening in Kumanovo. We felt that directly on our heads and from here, I am publicly asking the Prime Minister why he did not come to Kumanovo to hold his press conference and to explain to the Kumanovo people who left a permanent mark in their history […] Simply, I call for him and the mourning Minister Jankuloska to resign immediately and to let people who are capable to lead the country and take responsibility,” Dimitrievski was saying at the moment when the live broadcast was interrupted.

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