Day 6: Citizens’ plenum replaces protests on first day of national mourning

Day 6_park

Photo: Eleonora Veninova

Due to the events in Kumanovo and the declared two-day national mourning, activists and citizens got together yesterday, 10 May 2015, at 18:00 for a peaceful gathering in the City Park in Skopje. The purpose of the gathering was to pay respects to the victims in Kumanovo, expressing solidarity with the victims’ families, with the citizens of Kumanovo, but also with the detained activists since the beginning of the May 5 protests.

In addition, the gathering served for a discussion on the future actions of this self-organized civic movement. In the form of a citizens’ plenum, those in attendance discussed the reframing of the goals of the movement, emphasizing justice and peace as core principles.

It was decided to peacefully pay respects to the victims on the second day of mourning, 11 May, at 18:00 in front of the Government building. The movement invites all citizens to join, wearing all black or white attire, and to bring flowers, but to refrain from bringing any sound props.

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