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From: #Protestiram #Протестирам

Skopje, 11 May 2015



Yesterday, 10 May 2015, at 18:00 in the City Park in Skopje, there was a peaceful gathering of activists and citizens who have been demanding, daily, accountability from the inhumane Government led by Nikola Gruevski. The purpose of the gathering was to pay respect to the victims in Kumanovo, to show solidarity with the citizens of Kumanovo, and to send a message for calm and sober action in the days to come!

Furthermore, we stress that the most authentic wave of self-organised citizens’ discontent will not stop! We no longer feel fear, only revulsion by this authoritarian government and their dark scenarios! We demand peace and justice, and that can only be achieved if they leave! Now!

Therefore, our demands are:
1) Immediate resignation and accountability of the entire Government;
2) Urgent release of all activists detained from 5 May onwards;
3) The forming of a Government for the democratization of public institutions.

On 11 May 2015, on the second day of mourning over the deaths in Kumanovo, at 18:00 we will head towards the Government building with a message for peace and justice. We will give our condolences for the people killed and we will repeat our demands. We will take to the streets every day, till our final victory.

Our anger and revulsion has been growing and smouldering for years. We are at the forefront against any injustice – regardless whether it is systematic brutality, bad reforms in higher and secondary education, or the state racket of contract workers. In the past, we have protested for the freedom of the press, in support with media employees, and demanded liberation of the public broadcasting service and its return to the citizens. We demanded accountability for the ruined public health system. We have persistently fought for life with dignity and labour rights and we protest against the theft, impoverishment, and humiliation of the people.

On 5 May 2015, it became clear: they will not resign, the public prosecutor will not prosecute them, and the public broadcasting service will always side with them. Three days ago, when the protests were taking hold and spread to several cities, an armed incident occurred in Kumanovo. People following these events, citizens of Kumonovo among them, speak of a number of contradictions, inconsistencies and manipulations, which point toward a serious doubt over the nature of the events in Kumanovo. The civil sector noticed, in the official version relating to the armed incident, multiple blunders. We demand answers to a growing number of questions, a demand that all voices in society share – answers for the loss of life and the endangering of our collective security.

We are more numerous, more united and have more solidarity than ever before. We call on all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia who cannot stand the injustice, destitute and dark manipulations of the Government, to join us, together, in a supraethnic, suprapartisan, authentic civic movement for peace and justice!


We shall prevail!


With respect,

#Protestiram #Протестирам


Contact person: Biljana Ginova +389 (0)71 730 881

Official information at:


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