Former director of security services еxposes contradictions in the government’s rendition about the Kumanovo incident

Embedded in the larger dissatisfaction with the government is also the call for responsibility on how the Kumanovo incident was managed. The media, too, has been zeroing in on this.

In an interview for the former director of security services at the Macedonian Ministry of Interior and police general Goran Mitevski еxposes serious contradictions in the government’s rendition about the Kumanovo incident in which, according to official figures, 8 policemen were killed and another 38 injured. Mitevski also poses serious questions about how competent is the current leadership of the Macedonian security apparatus, since the President of Macedonia Gjorgje Ivanov claims that he knew about the possibility of an attack by this “terrorist” group for five months and yet nothing was done by relevant authorities to stop it. The General authoritatitavely argues that the “terrorist” group in question is a criminal band of regional and other foreign mercenaries, and that it posed no real threat to the security and integrity of the Macedonian state. For Mitevski, the whole incident is quite likely staged by the government in order to deflect attention from the intense pressure coming from ongoing mass protests demanding a resignation of the whole government.

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