Day 8: Resignation, responsibility, release

Photo: Eleonora Veninova

Photo: Eleonora Veninova

The citizens, united in the demands, continued with protests on May 12. The protest began in front of the police cordon, in front of the government building, at 18:00 From there, the citizens marched to the Parliament, demanding resignation of the whole government, release the arrested protestors since May 5, 2015, and formation of a government for democratisation of the institutions.

The protest, according to the activists addressing the crowd, is also a reaction to the attempt to cover up the murder of Martin Neshkoski, the death of little Tamara, the bad legal reforms in the education system, but also the events in Kumanovo and the demand for responsibility over the lives that were lost. At the protest, which ended peacefully, was attended by a lot of international media representatives.

The demands of the #Протестирам movement remain and the protests are to continue every day at 18:00.

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