Day 11: “This must never happen again” #Protestiram


On the 15th of May, the eleventh day since the start of the protests, citizens’ protests continued in Skopje. Once again the police prevented the protest outside of the Government. The protesters who arrived outside the government marched towards the Parliament.

The slogans “Resignation”, “He is finished”, “Nikola the little dictator”, “No justice, no peace”, once again reiterated the demands for resignation of the government, urgent release of the activists detained into custody since 5 May onwards and the formation of a transitory Government, which will work towards democratizing the institutions.

A citizens assembly took place outside of the Parliament, where the protestors in an open plenum discussed the protest on Sunday for May 17, when the largest opposition party-SDSM alongside a coalition of supporters under their coordination, will start a protest at 14:00.

#протестирам форум пред собрание 15 maj

(#protestiram plenum outside the Parliament)

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