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16.05.2015, Skopje

With a reminder of the long-term resistance of all citizens for justice and freedom, (#Протестирам) #Protestiram is calling everyone to a protest gathering at 1pm on 17 May in front of Primary Court Skopje 1 in Skopje. This will be followed by a joint march to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia building with a symbolic start at 5 minutes to 2pm.

At the evening gathering in front of the Parliament that took place after the 15 May protest, citizens, who had been protesting every day from 6pm since 5 May, agreed to join the protest scheduled for 17 May. The protest will commence at 1pm in front of Primary Court Skopje 1 – Skopje. Together with the Student Plenum, we will ask for release of the political prisoners arrested from 5 May onwards. At 1:55 pm, in a joint march and as a reminder of the long-term and collaborative battle of all citizens, we will proceed towards the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. With emphasis on the authenticity of the movement, the citizens from #Protestiram (#Протестирам) will come together again at 6pm near the Government building on Kliment Ohridski Boulevard. 

This decision was a result of the horizontal structure of the movement and the desire to promote equality in the process of decision-making. The decision-making is inclusive and aims to preserve the diversity of everyone who stands behind the demands of #Protestiram (#Протестирам), demands that united its participants. As a reminder, #Protestiram (#Протестирам) is an authentic, self-organised movement with three main demands and lines of action that brought the citizens together:

  1. Urgent resignation of the whole Government led by Nikola Gruevski with political and legal responsibility for the unconstitutional, corrupt and unethical governing,
  2. Urgent release of all the activists arrested from 5 May onwards,
  3. Forming a government with a capacity to democratise the institutions and enable fair and democratic elections.

Come and join us!

#Protestiram #Протестирам

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