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Plenum #Protestiram, Ilindenska str. Skopje, 22.05.2015 (photo: Doroti Pachkova)

Plenum #Protestiram, Ilindenska str. Skopje, 22.05.2015 (photo: Doroti Pachkova)

In the past few days we held many discussions, on and off the streets. The discussions attested to people not having to agree on one opinion and a single voice to act for a more just Macedonia. Those who have supported the different lines of struggle around #Protestiram (#Протестирам) continue their resistance to the regime. Announcements about new actions will follow in the coming period.

We salute all fronts of resistance against the governing regime. The dehumanised rulers and the political parties have forgotten who they represent, that the institutions and the streets belong to the people. Let us claim them back! Let us seize them anew!

We call for mass resistance by the people against this regime and encourage everybody to self-organize. Against single-minded actions! Against uniformity! Each and everyone, whenever possible! Always non-violently!

#Protestiram (I protest) is a first person singular. Each and every single person is the source of this struggle. It is everyone’s, everywhere, always!

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