March of solidarity: One kilometer in the refugees’ shoes

In addition to impoverished citizens, frail migrants who try to cross Macedonia have long been an everyday sight. They flee from wars and threats, looking for a decent life. For them, Macedonia is but a stop on their way. Yet, we see their ordeal in the country with our own eyes, and we read about it in domestic and foreign media.

According to the testimonies of refugees, parents, youth and children, they are the target of robberies and they are treated in a similar manner even by the police forces who reduce these people to mere criminals, while the real criminals continue to terrorise not just the migrants, but also the citizens of the country. Since international media published stories about the well-known ‘secret’ of criminal groups in the Lipkovo region smuggling migrants and trafficking with people, instead of the bosses, the police has detained the migrants in the Reception Center for Migrants in Gazi Babi.

In solidarity with the migrants and those citizens of Macedonia who live outside of the major cities, in areas where they have been neglected by this system and regime, #Protestiram calls upon the citizens to join a March of Solidarity against discrimination and xenophobia. On June 15, Monday at 18:00, we will gather at the corner of St. Kliment Ohridski boulevard, in front of the Government building, from where we will proceed to the Reception Centre for Migrants in Gazi Baba where the migrants’ rights will be read.

Let us walk from the place where the discriminatory policies are drawn to the place where we see the consequences of the injustice towards the migrants fleeing for a better life.

The fate of the migrants at the Reception centre is also a symbol of the inhumane conditions and the risks that our fellow citizens are faced with, imprisoned and forced into misery, forced to move around or to dream of migrating abroad, looking for a safe and decent life.

We want a state that guarantees a temporary protection of those passing through this land. We demand equal living conditions for everyone in Macedonia, regardless of the geography and the structure of the settlements, because we, its citizens, do not want a future in which we will be considering from whom to escape and where to hide in our pursuit of a better life!

Join in! #Protestiram!

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