“People of Macedonia, help us!”

photo: Nebojsha Gelevski

photo: Nebojsha Gelevski

Short excerpt from a plea by a migrant at the Migrant Reception Centre in Gazi Baba, who addressed the citizens from Macedonia at the solidarity march for the migrants crossing the country, organised on June 15.

“We are leaving our families under fire! We need freedom to bring our families. We are not criminals. We are educated people, doctors… We are citizens, just like you! We do not have a problem with the Macedonian people. We are here just to cross the country. The police is telling us: “You are crossing illegally”. We crossed Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, and they all gave us time to leave. But here, we are wasting our time, waiting for the law to be changed, and no one is supporting us! The police tells us it is up to the court; the court is not intervening. And we have left our families under fire, in the midst of a war… We go to Europe to help those we left in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan. We are here faced with very bad conditions and we need your support, we need your Government’s support, we need your Parliament’s support! And we’ve been waiting for that support for so long… Our voices are not heard, we are dying here! We are in a very bad situation and you are the only people who can help us from here onwards! We are attacked by the mafia, we are attacked by the people who take our money, and they cross the border and we are here, because of what?! They are not supporting us, they support those who pay them, and we don’t have that much money to pay the mafia… You are the only ones who support us, we need your help! Take us out, we are dying here!

Help us, people of Macedonia!“


More pictures from the march are available here.

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