Proclamation for Joint Action

Skopje, April 13, 2016

Proclamation for Joint Action

Embittered by the destruction of what little remains from Macedonia’s statehood, infuriated at the autocracy of Nikola Gruevski, his collaborators and clients, that is destroying a future for generations of Macedonian citizens, unable to sit quietly and observe the annihilation of all things democratic, we refuse to compromise and bargain with the illegitimate regime.

We, who have protested on the streets of Macedonia in the name of freedom, justice and equality, send this PROCLAMATION FOR JOINT ACTION to all freedom and justice loving forces in the society under the flag of the common struggle for liberation from the corrupt despots that have pushed us to the edge of complete destruction.

We call for a mass protest, today, Wednesday 13 April 2016, which will start from the offices of the Special Prosecutor in Skopje. We demand:

  • The commencement of a process for the election of an expert government, which will prepare the groundwork necessary for truly free, credible and democratic elections to be held; and which instead of sabotaging, will help the process by which politicians and those in positions of power will be confronted with justice for the illegal and criminal acts which they have committed;
  • Resignation of the President of the Republic, for his shameful attempt to obstruct justice and to abolition the criminals;
  • Finally, we demand urgent suspension of the ongoing call for parliamentary elections.

We will protest every day at 18:00! The protest will be especially vocal on Friday, 15 April, outside of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, when early elections are expected to be called.

We call for the joint action of all the citizens, of all the formal and informal organizations of citizens, including the Student Plenum, the Professors Plenum, the HighSchool Plenum, as well as LD Solidarnost, Ajde, Lenka, Mugra, the trade unions, the urban initiatives, the organizations that were part of the coalition “Citizens of Macedonia”, as well as all others who share the fury, but also the wish for justice and democracy, to join the protests.

We particularly call on the largest opposition party The Social Democratic Union of Macedonia to support these demands and to join in as large numbers as possible. We also call on the other opposition parties: Levica, The Democratic Union, Liberal Party of Macedonia, Democratic Renewal of Macedonia, Dostoinstvo, The Alliance for Positive Macedonia, United for Macedonia, Movement BESA, Movement for reforms, Uniteti and all others to join in large numbers.

Additionally, we call on all those supporters of the political parties in power who can no longer bear their insolent obstruction of justice and their squandering of the future of the people, to join us also, so that we can together start a process for returning the trust in the institutions and the trust in Macedonia.

These protests belong to all citizens. The protests belong to all of us, united by the fury of the current deadlock, but also by the urge for a better future founded on democracy.



#Протестирам #Protestoj

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