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5 people died and about 30 were injured, says Minister of Interior

In a media statement given late in the evening on 9 May, the Minister of Interior Jankuloska announced the names of the people killed in Kumanovo, all of them members of the police forces: Zarko Kuzmanovski (1981-2015) from the Tetovo village of Brvenitca, Nenad Serafimovski (1987-2015) from the Gostivar village of Zubovtce and Sasho Samoilovski (1982-2015). The names of two more killed was to be reported additionally. The unofficial information about civil casualties was not confirmed.

In her statement, Jankuloska reported that the armed group made up of Macedonian citizens and citizens from a “neighboring country” had as its aim “to take advantage of the situation in the country and conduct an attack” on strategic objects. She didn’t disclose any motives. The Minister did not want to name of the neighbouring country where some of the attackers came from nor to identify the strategic objects in question.

The situation in the country is the following: citizens’ protests are under way and recently they culminated in a demand for resignation of the government. A supra-partisan all-citizens protest is scheduled for 17 May, triggered, amongst other things, by the revelation of the tapped telephone conversations. In the alleged conversations, Members of Parliament and high government officials conspire in undemocratic, corrupt and criminal activities with abuse of their official function.

The video of the press conference, reported on by NovaTV, is available here (in Macedonian).